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The Tarot

Tarot at a glance


The tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards, each with its own meaning as it presents itself in the storyboard of your reading.


With a history dating back to the late 14th century, Tarot is steeped in the magic of intuitive story telling and psychic recognition. Pulling from ancestral inheritance, dedicated practice, and spiritual guidance, Tarot is a beautiful and ancient way to connect with our psyche in a contemporary and thought provoking way. When open to Her message, combined with our universally bestowed right to choose, each of us has the ability to heal, learn and grow through own unique and intuitive Spiritual path.

The Cards

+ The 22 Major Arcana cards reflect significant life connections as you cycle through your story. The Empress, for example, is an expression of Abundance, Life, & Fertility.


++ The 40 Minor Arcana cards, reflect daily elemental life situations, as they work through your day-to-day. The Four of Wands, Fire sign, signifies a safe, welcoming  & celebratory household.


+++ The 16 Court cards reflect the personas of Tarot, and the impact they have on behaviour. The King of Swords, is a highly intelligent, with a healthy dose of ego. His drive comes from time invested in strategy and academia rather than a gut feeling and hope for the best.

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Your Reading

Prior to each reading, the cards will receive the following treatment and invocation:


Clean Shuffle ~ Cards are randomly spread around, gathered, separated into three equal piles and then shuffled.


Quartz Clearing ~ Clear quartz crystals have the ability to clear, cleanse and purify the energy around it. It also has the ability to hold specific thoughts and intent. I will place a crystal on top of the deck and set an intention. Should you have an intention that you would like cast on the deck prior to the reading, please let me know in advance, and I will make it happen.


Sacred Smoke Cleanse ~ Sacred smoke clears negative and blocked energy in the atmosphere. An incense stick, or herbal wand will be lit prior to our reading and waived over the deck to clean and purify energies, allowing for a  positive space and focused message translations. 

*For in-home readings, you'll be given an incense stick at the end of the reading for at home reflection.

Candle  Connect ~ Candle magic is thought to be one of the oldest forms of magic. As a fire sign, I am deeply connected with the strength and ancient connection to fire, and use it part of my ritual in connecting with Spirit. As we move to connect with your reading, I will light a candle, and ask that we both take three deep breaths, honouring Gaia, our ancestors and Self. 

*For in-home readings, you'll be given a small white candle at the end of your reading for at home reflection.

Essential Oil * In-Home readings only * To help foster relaxation, focus and Spiritual Awareness, we will share a moment in essential oil anointment on the inside of our wrists.

"Your soul, that inner quiet empty space, is yours to consult.

It will always guide you in the right direction."

Wayne Dyer

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