Temperance at Half Time: An in-depth look at working with your Yearly Tarot Signifier

It's going to take me and my entire Spiritual Congregation, to come together and plan an offensive attack on the second half of 2020 if I'm to successfully make my way to the finish line.

When I first crunched the numbers and realized that Temperance was/is going to be my Signifier for 2020, I was kinda 'meh' about it. I can't say that Temperance has ever really been a ‘favourite’ card of mine, and maybe even a little misunderstood on my part. With that same kinda 'meh' energy, I originally assigned the message in its most basic and lazy Tarot 101 underscore, Balance.

We can probably assign 2020 a few choice key words,
Balance not being one of them.

I've since learned so much about this card, and am hoping to use this as an opportunity for you to see how you can tap into your Signifier more deeply, as well as give you some additional insight as to how to work with Temperance in your Divination practice.

There is an amazing Tarot Grid that I’ve recently learned to work with (courtesy Between the Worlds podcast), and it's brought significant enlightenment. The grid is based on placing your Tarot Majors in three lines, from left to right, The Magician leading the cast, with The World ending it. Basically, 7 cards across by 3 rows deep. The Fool can be removed from the Grid, and placed anywhere, depending on how you work with The Fools energy.

When placed this way, Temperance is the last card in the middle row. Now here's how this affects me directly:

  1. Temperance is my 2020 Signifier

  2. Death is my June Signifier*

  3. The Devil is my July Signifier*

  4. The Chariot... which

  5. represents Cancer

  6. Cancer is my Moon sign

  7. Cancer is governed by the Moon

  8. Cancer transitions us into the second half of the year

*these cards were pulled in August of 2019 as a part of my Birthday Tarot Cast

As you can see, there is a lot of alignment and energy being thrown at me right now, with all fingers pointing to July, The Devil.

Here's what I mean - July is the last month in my birth chart (my birthday being August 2nd), giving me the opportunity to work with these three aligned cards from top to bottom in the following manner: