Spiritual Recovery with Houseplants in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: Feb 24

Meditating with your houseplants will organically help you on your path to recovery.

Just as a plant, allow yourself the grace to grow.

We live in a world where self care has been turned into spiritual plastic and fast fashion. The elitist and privileged packaging of creating a quiet and sacred space has been 'influenced' to represent unattainable wellness strategies, unless of course your dependant free, under the age of 35, financially privileged, and unbothered by appropriating every traditional practice you can possibly fit into an IG worthy photo.

A wholistic path to spiritual recovery outside of the millennial narrative may seem impossible at first, but it is as easy as sharing space with your houseplants.

Sun setting on pothos hanging in window
Sun sets. Sun rises. So too does recovery.

When my family and I first moved back to Edmonton from Ottawa, my husband's aunt had gifted me a clipping of her Pothos ivy plant. Tanty shared with us that the plant was older than we were, making the plant in and around 40 years old at the time. She figured she'd propagated and gifted well over 100 pothos, linking so many of us to her heart space. Two years ago, Tanty passed away suddenly, leaving a hole and a devastating emptiness we still struggle to fill.

She's here with us, though, in our home... her pothos boisterously taking over in a way that brilliantly captures the essence of her energy. I often find myself fussing and preening over her leaves, making sure she's comfortable, healthy and vibrant. I find comfort in my quiet conversations with Tanty's ivy, the spark of our spirits soulfully vibing. Unfortunately, during the time of transition after her passing, her plants were left uncared for, heartbreaking knowing how much love and care went into her green beasties. I feel immense gratitude knowing I still have a piece of her passion, and it gave me great joy when I was able to gift a piece of it to her daughter. There's a passion project brewing within, as I look to continue her tradition of propagating and gifting.

Snake plant in cork planter
Ancestry resides in generational houseplants

#inspiredbytarot ~ Whenever I work with the 7 of Pentacles Tarot card, I am reminded to slow down and connect in the here and now by way of nurturing and caring for my houseplants. I feel like this card asks me to take pause, and genuinely assess my current situation. The 7 of Pentacles asks that you patiently tend to what you already have and quietly move through the seasons until you feel healthy, stable and energetically renewed.

Here's a 7 of Pentacles Tarot spread you can use to further elevate your path to healing and recovery.

*As a mom and wife myself, I strongly recommend setting aside a time when you can be unbothered by household fiends as they always seem to come out the woodwork

as soon as you a take a moment to sit*

You'll need a houseplant, a quiet space to sit and a glass of water

Optional ~ journal & pen, music or pre-recorded guided meditation, something to sit on

Step 1

Decide which houseplant you'd like to connect with, and create a comfortable space to sit. This doesn't need to be elaborate in anyway. I literally pull up my yoni stool, in sweats and a hoodie, and have a seat. The more comfortable you are, the deeper you'll be able to sink into recovery.