Houseplants ~ A Self Discovery in Ritual and Recovery

Ritual work should be a top priority when it comes to your spiritual recovery.

Your desire to travel the path of spiritual recovery will most likely start after a time of uncertainty, disconnect and a prolonged time spent in mental fogginess. Having activities that require pause are a great way to break through the fog, especially when they're simple, practical and accessible. Conjure in an element of nature and nurture and you're adding magic to purpose.

When I made the decision to follow a more pagan based spiritual practice, I was as excited as I was overwhelmed by ALL of the rituals I 'thought' I had to practice in order to belong.

Every moon phase required participation and commitment, making it feel impossible to learn, and expensive... crystals, herbs, alter offerings, you name it, I thought I needed it! Add eight additional Sabbats, on top of cultural and family events like Sinterklaasfeest, I felt anxious, discouraged, and like my vulnerability was being taken advantage of by the single use, mass market spiritual community. My practice became half assed and mindless.

I realized I needed a practice that reflected me as an individual and my lifestyle. I've since started the process of spiritually simplifying, turning to my houseplants as a starting point.

Variety of hanging and potted houseplants
The Season of Quiet ~ A Plant Haiku

#inspiredbytarot This year's signifier (2021) is The Hierophant. The Hierophant's message is layered in tradition, ritual and initiation. Connecting with the principality of this card offers spiritual mentorship, helping you discover a personalized foundation for your ritual practice.

Connect with The Hierophant to discover how ritual can help you master a personalized spiritual based practice. Click for a quick access to Tarot Spread.

The following ideas will help you transform the simple task of

watering your spider plant into an act of ritual.


A daily ritual with your houseplants can actually be quite simple, so don't overthink it!

  1. A quick morning check in with your plants remove dead and dying foliage makes space for new growth and allows you to slow down for a few minutes to practice breath work. Start with this simple exercise as you work with one or all your plants on any given day: Greet and honour your plant, acknowledging deities, guides and ancestors. Breath in for 3 counts, hold the breath for 3 counts and exhale on the count of 5. Continue doing so until you feel comfortable and ready to move on, and close the space by thanking your guides for their time and protection.

  2. Daily meditation with your plants is another great way to create ritual. Be sure to check out the "Spiritual Recovery with Houseplants" blog post for insight on how to establish strong roots in your meditation.


Take the chore out of watering your plants and recover your way through some root filled intention setting: