How to Survive Mars Retrograde

The more I learn about retrogrades, the more I see the impact they have on my surroundings and everyday adventures.

A lot of things having moving ahead top speed in my life lately, but with little to no desired outcome. I thought I was carrying around a bag full of goal setting brilliance. I was getting ready to make that winning lap around the bend, golden chariot in tow, when Mars decided to have a strong conversation with me… and most likely you too.

"Ms. Konnik, think again. You entered this race. You planned your win.

You pressed play. Now tell me, is it everything you thought it would be?" ~ Universe

Yes it is. Okay, well maybe just a little. Actually, it ain't nothing like I had visualized in my head. I can't even remember why I chose this path to begin with.

Sigh. I just got Mars Retrograded.

It’s time for patience and compassion, starLites. Wheel in that chariot and get started on a major tune up. It’s time to be a follower and not a leader (I know, this scares the shit outta me too). You’ve got to let the race continue without you for a minute. Get to the heart of what you really want. And when the time comes (June 30th’ish) you’ll know if you’re on the right track, and you will then be given the thumbs up to #getglossy and dominate.

Leah Whitehorse gives some great insight on the current Mars Retrograde. I really connected with her insight into overcoming any anger, frustrations and set backs that will happen over the next several weeks:

“If you can be patient, you’re likely to find that your inspiration and energy are renewed by the time the retrograde period completes, brining you back to yourself.”

So what’s holding you back from what you really want?

Have a look at these images and pick which flower you’re drawn too. Connect with the card's meaning and use it as a resource to understand what issues you need to overcome during this retrograde.

I was personally drawn to #3

#1 - Pink Gerber Daisy

Knight of Pentacles in Reverse. Eew. My first instinct, it’s tax season. Did you end up with some financial news you weren’t expecting?

If you picked number one, you might find that you’ve been really focused on your career and your financial situation lately. Take this time to consider why this has been so important to you, and/or have a look at the plan you devised to achieve success. You might also want to reassess the relationships in your life… do they need tending too? Have you been dismissive of your loved ones because of your desire for financial gain? Open your network, and let love in.

**Sidenote: I was on