La Sweet Wife Reading Tarot Cards


Welcome, starLites

My role as an intuitive and Spiritually guided empath is to help you navigate your way through your personally designed life path. Deeply connected to the art of story telling, Tarot is my chosen form of mediumship. Through illustration, it is my absolute joy and honour to connect with your story. The Guides, yours and mine, are always on hand to help me connect in a way that resonates with you. I am wholly committed to, and have a deep disciplined practice in the continued art of reading Tarot, for the entire purpose of translating those lessons as guided messages in the greatest detail.


My hope, when given the opportunity to share your Spiritual space, is that you’ll receive messages that deliver understanding, compassion, affirmation, clarity, perspective and when needed, a good ole dose of tough love. Whether it’s over a glass of wine, a hot cup of tea, or a can a Coke, I truly believe that our paths will cross in the alignment of having already been starSisters at some cosmic point or other. At the time of our meeting, and your reading, my hope is that we’ll feel reunited by fortunes grace.


As a consultative Spiritual Coach, I trust that our sessions will leave you feeling like you have a pocket full of answers,

and a renewed sense of commitment to moving forward.