Coronavirus and Racial discontent have me feeling displaced. It’s no wonder that Gigi, matriach and coordinator of my ancestral council, has decided to show up now. In turn, I’ve surrendered my current state of self in her spiritual hands, allowing her to guide the direction of my shadow work.


Since working together, I’ve started the practice of prioritizing where I want to lend my voice. For this 42nd year around the sun, I’d like to work with the following Sources, always with the continued goal of spiritual, personal and financial development and sustainability: 


Animal Guidance - As I take a step into the power of my voice, I will continue to call in my Animal Guides. Respecting important cultural guidelines and historical beliefs, I hope to connect with my Animal Guides in a way that is relevant within today’s environment. 

Plant Allies - With the utmost respect, I look forward to working with the medicinal and magical properties of our plant allies in a way that will honour the traditions of the land that I forage, and the internal call of my ancestry. 

Indentity by Divination - I will continue to walk the path of She as guided by Tarot. I recogninze the tools of divination that have been commercialized and will make all efforts to ensure that my practice is sustainable, rejects all forms of appropriation, and acts as a tool for healing and connection within our marginalized communities. 

AfroFeminine Spirituality - The Matriach is calling me home and the only way I can get there is by following the crumbs of memory and history that they’ve left along the way. ‘Fear not,’ they say. ‘We’ve left a complex but beautiful trail of threaded memories for you to follow. Just say yes’.

Decolonization of Transracial Adoption - This is my personal shadow work. It will be a deeply personal journey, that I hope will serve to lend affirmation for those of us who are both loved and lost.


I look forward to re-evaluting my own purpose through the education of these topics. I personally believe that a time of reckoning is always upon us. I’d like to believe that my time has come to stand up and use my voice in a way that is guided by divination and ancestry.


Chasing Duende, with a pocket full of starDust


Dogwood Bunchberry ~ Photo by @lasweetwife

Medicine: anti inflammatory, fever reducing and pain killer

(source - Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada)


Magic: Leaves placed in an amulet can be used for protection

(source - Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)

Without a moral or spiritual awakening,

We will remain forever trapped in political games fuelled by fear,

greed and the hunger for power.

~ Michelle Alexander ~

At the portal of the Lions Gate, I've been given a testament


Divine Energy Tarot Spread


May Theme ~ The complimentary voices of the Page of Swords and Angelite is going to be a strong presence in your ability to communicate with friends, family and Spirit alike. While Dandelion calls on you to feel joy, Mint is great way to breathe in the abundance and fertility of the season. And to ensure we're all practicing a gentle routine of self-care during this unprecedented time, Doe reminds us to stay calm, and be safe. 

1. Doe Animal Spirit ~ Where can my life be more quiet?

2. The Page of Swords ~ How will the (energy) of the Page of Swords help me speak with clarity?

3. Dandelion ~ How can I work in filling my Spirit Space with more joy?

4. Mint ~ What areas in my life could use an energy cleanse?

5. Angelite ~ What do my Guardian Angels want me to know?

~ Affirmation ~

Page of Swords

"I see with clarity, the future of the Divine Feminine"

Element ~ Earth of Air

Gemini o Libra o Aquarius

sun sign in Aquarius

General -  Of the air element, this page represents new thoughts and ideas, and good news of an upcoming project. Focused and determined, skilled in the way of masonry and trades, you're a very tactile maker and creator. With so many ideas, you may need some help keeping your feet on the ground. Very talkative, curious, inquisitive and smart, there is always a need to know why, so make sure you’re always asking good, thoughtful questions. Know that you are guided by visuals such as dreams. You’re excellent at networking and meeting the right mentors and contacts to move an idea into a project. Knowing how to act in the company of others will help you work well in refined environments such as fundraising and gala events. You have the best of intentions, not just for yourself, but for your community.


Shadow ~ A delay in information. Communicating from a place of ego, in the sense that you’re sharing your voice simply to be heard. There’s no substance behind it, you’re engaged in gossip, most likely due to feeling inferior, less than, not as educated or skilled as. Not taking the initiative to make your visions, your goals and your dreams a reality. Talking about doing one thing, while doing the exact opposite. You can be easily influenced by narcotics, with a belief that your ideas and senses are being heightened. Like the actual sword, be wary of being two faced. Be mindful of your inquisition, as it can be annoying to some, so make sure that you’re presenting yourself in a manner of wanting to learn, rather than being a perpetual devil’s advocate. Don’t argue  for the sake of arguing. If you have something to say, don’t be afraid to say it.

Divine Feminine ~ Blessed are you and your modern ways of thinking with respect to challenging and questioning patriarchal systems. Your intuitive connection allows you to clearly see the need to sort out ‘what’s next’ for the collective. Behind the scenes, you're hard at work drafting solutions, building templates, brainstorming courses and/or creating new ways to work with old belief patterns as they relate to the modern woman. You’re a change maker who’s aligned with the success of our future. Spell work is a natural gift as you are highly attuned in asking, trying, mixing, tinkering and trying again; always with the intention to provide an easier path to sistership. While you’re not one to follow a singular pantheon, your curiosity and insatiable desire to learn and ask, allows you to work with a variety of deities, cultures  and people alike. Your ‘why’ whether it be personal or your path to finding answers is the greatest weapon you own. It is directly linked to your purpose and your discovery and understanding of the Divine. You have an internal need to help those less fortunate, especially young women who are being oppressed with limited access to the basics of human rights. Listen to what society is asking for, know why they are asking for it, and problem solve around it. 


You’ve just newly started to either connect with the Divine Feminine, or you’re exploring a new aspect of Her. It’s okay to not be perfect, you’re just starting the exploration. Give yourself some time to work through all the aspects that you’re being called too. Be open to this new way of thinking, and communicate while you’re learning. Keep your sword sharp, as you’re going to need the flexibility to make clear decisions.

~ Intention~

Page of Swords

"I am guided by the Divine to create a path for all

the voices of the Collective, to join in sistership."

Herb - Dandelion




Element - Air


Chakra - Root, promotes confidence and mental health


Properties - Wishes, focus, increased psychic abilities

Magic work - Fill a small vase with fresh water and dandelions and put it on your alter to encourage strong relationships built on friendship and joy ~

"Joy filled Dandelion,

I invoke

I move in light and cleanse with smoke

My heart it dances in sun 

I share with thee,

in all the fun" 

Essential Oil - Mint




Element - Air


Chakra - Throat, clears respiratory issues and headaches due to congestion. Also helps stimulate the mind and clear thinking


Properties - Purification, clarity, prosperity

Magic work - After doing a deep clean in your home, add a few drops of Mint oil and a pinch of sea salt to warm water to wash down the walls and floor of your front door to clear out any residual negative energy ~ creating a space of hospitality for visiting friends and family

Crystal - Angelite




Element - Air


Chakra - Throat 


Properties - Facilitates calm and constructive communication, serenity, and a connection to the Angelic realm, and spell creation

Magic Work - When wanting to connect with your Ancestors, Angels or Spirit Guides, clasp angelite in both hands and begin your meditation practice with a gentle focus on the sensation of your crystal. When you 'feel' it disappear into the energy of your breathing, know that you've opened the channel of communication

Page of Swords




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