Actively Moving in Silence

Shark swimming with smally yellow fish

As we slip into the season of Spring, the spark of renewal is manifesting. There is a busyness happening in the seedlings and saplings of the flora world. Unseen, they're beginning to stretch and grow, creating and exploring within the space they're in, quietly preparing for the right time to burst forth. And like the perfect burlesque, they'll show a little green, give a little curl, and add a little bounce to their buds... slowly teasing the beauty they're about to unfold. 


in preparation
they appear, perfectly

As I continue to move with intention, reaching within to find the rhythm of ritual set to the unique pulse of my heart space, I'm slowly starting to let go of the expectations of social performance. I've been so deeply devoted to the platform, the threads of addiction that presented as Social Play are literally and figuratively working their way out of my system through aches and pains that need considerable attention then I had originally thought. And while I tip toe through this solo performance, a hand selected audience of friends, family and ancestry watch from the wings, simultaneously giving me space and surrounding me with grace.

I'm breathing.

I'm dreaming.

I'm creating.

'I've unplugged.
Now I have to see myself
for who I really am.

And then I asked my ancestors, how can I move through this season of Spring? 



Move in silence. Approach challenges and opportunities with vigour. Hone your senses. Be alert. 

Flora and Fauna Oracle cards

They have my back, and know exactly what I need. Space to move quietly, low key planning and assessing. While I sift through the depths, enjoying the feel of the deep and dark, I'm not hiding or retreating. I'm moving, actively quiet, filling my lungs with the blessings of Mami Wata. When I'm ready, I'll break free from these healing waters, intent, strong, wise and full of purpose.

I look forward to bursting from the seams, replete with vigour.

Spring blessings to you all, and may your ancestors guide you to the sweetest fresh waters.


Chasing Duende,




It is with great excitement that I get to share my first Tarot Card meaning ~ The World

What an incredible experience... and now we begin anew with The Fool.

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