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Blended by Design

An Herbal Practice

When I was first introduced to herbalism, it was an instant AHA. I knew this was my path forward and initially thought to focus on beauty, skin and spiritual products.

Cue 2020. 


The pandemic, George Flyod’s murder, the truth about the mass graves of Indigenous children at residential schools, and being introduced to the concept of transracial adoption all slammed into my life within a period of four months. I threw my SI joint that summer and I’ll never forget when my chiroprator suggested that it was my body's way of saying that I was spiritually and emotionally broken rather than injured. Understanding the bridge between my physical environment and health was profoundly life changing.


My spiritual modality shifted around this time, opening the doors to African Traditional Spiritualism and rootwork. This change in practice heightened my awareness of the lack of recognition and absolute systemic disregard when it comes to African descended herbalist contributions; ancient, classic and modern.

As a Black woman who’s worked in corporate sales for the better part of two decades, my path forward is to provide a space for you to navigate a sustainable balance of career achievement with everyday purposefulness. Herbalism will allow me to provide you with a holistic and diasporic approach in supporting your vitality as a high-performing woman.



Ancestral Spiritualism


Ancestral Spiritualism came to me at a time in my life when I could no longer support or justify the dominant white Eurocentric complexities of mordern paganism. I just wanted something simple where showing up, as I am, would be enough.


The reflective practice of veneration was the exact spiritual alignment I needed. Deliberately spending my time acknowledging ancient, traditional and modern ancestral practices has quieted the wanderer within. Learning to sit in council with my kin has been spiritually liberating and it has allowed me to spend time with my story, preserving the lineage of those that came before and those yet to come.


My role as your ancestral facilitator is to help you spiritually shift and guide you towards culturally appropriate practices. My intention is to encourage you to find your feet in a space that is spiritually collective, respectful, manageable, deeply healing and tangibly transformative. 



My role as an intuitive and ancestrally guided empath is to help you navigate your way through your personally designed life path. Deeply connected to the art of story telling, Tarot is my chosen form of divination.


Through intuition, artistry and the illustration of the decks I work with, it is my absolute joy and honour to connect you with your story. I am wholly committed to and have a deeply disciplined practice in the study of Tarot to ensure your messages are translated in relatable detail.


My hope, when trusted to share space, is that you’ll receive messages that deliver understanding, compassion, clarity, perspective and when needed, a good ole dose of tough love. Whether it’s over a glass of wine or a hot cup of tea, I trust that our sessions will leave you feeling like you have meaningful answers, affirmations, homework and a renewed sense of purpose moving forward.


As a Black settler in the Canadian prairies, my intention as a herbal practitioner is to ensure ancestral Black teachings are recognized, accessible and allowed the opportunity to thrive. I have the unique responsibility to bring to light traditional Black medicines and practices on lands that I acknowledge hold the histories, languages and cultures of First Nations, Metis, Inuit and all First Peoples of Canada. 


I hold deep gratitude to those who have lived on and cared for these lands for generations and recognize

the traditional Knowledge Keepers and Elders who are still with us today.