Houseplants ~ A Path to Ancestry Life Hack

As I answer the whispers of my ancestors, there is a deep calling for me to leave behind the gimmick of mass market spiritualism. Within those whispers, the voices of my council guide me to connect with the life source that surrounds and fuels me, laying the seeds of creativity on the tips of my fingers, waiting for the weaver within to take bloom.


A weaver of words.
A weaver of threads.
I am of my ancestors.

There is great simplicity when answering the call to leave behind the illusion of New Age spiritualism, but it's not easy. As I make the shift from a digital & screen based practice of wellness, where my time and intention was spent on trying to establish the perfectly curated space of mindfulness based on the teachings of social media experts, I realize how dangerous ritual, based on algorithm, really is as it felled me to my own lowest point.

It's distracting.

It's deceptive.

It's devoid of reality.

'Your home is a living and breathing,
life sized alter' 

How do we start on the path of spiritual recovery? 


By nurturing that which is which already tangibly alive within our homes; houseplants.

Your houseplants are key to your spiritual recovery. They have an ancestry that dates back further than we can comprehend, carrying with them a real and tangible energy that is almost effortless to tap into. There is a real opportunity for you to take a life long adventure with your plants and learn about their botanical identities, spiritual symbolism, and your own personal & ancestral heritage. Creating a weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly ritual based on the care of your plants is such a special way to honour the ancestry of Mother Earth, a lineage that binds us all.

Over the course of the upcoming blog series ~ I look forward to sharing recovery based tips and tricks that will help you open the doors to the whispers of your ancestral council and create an spiritually guided green space.


Discovering Your Ancestry: Houseplants Edition:

1. Spiritual Recovery with Houseplants in 6 Easy Steps ~ posted


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