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Welcome, starLites

 I'm so excited to share together with you, in the magic of marriage, shadow side and the light. And believe me, ours is a mixed bag of both.

My intentions are to help us take pause as we consider our relationships in a world where life can feel chaotic, busy and sometimes scary. I look forward to sharing our marital journey, based simply on creating a life that matters... with an added sprinkle of magic, of course. 

I'd love for you to join me, and together we can discover the magic in Marriage Matters through the guidance of Tarot, all the while honouring our Sacred Self.

Love, Light and starDust,

La Sweet Wife


It's a kiss full of promise, of trust and all that is magic.

Laurie Faria Stolrz

Marriage MattersTarot Cast


In our house, March has always traditionally be one of active transition. We move from long, dark, cold and winter heavy busyness, to brighter, warmer and sun filled anticipation.


Having the Page of Pentacles arrive as this month's Tarot Signifier is a welcome nod to Spring, allowing room for new beginnings, and an opportunity to take stalk of all that's already transpired in the New Year.

As the PoP relates to your marriage, it's an excellent time to brush up on house hold finances and personal goals that you'd like to accomplish now that tax season is over and the brunt of Christmas holidays has rolled on by.

The Page of Pentacles is all about commitment, adventure, and planning for the future. Where in your life and marriage could you incorporate the energy of the Page of Pentacles?

~ Affirmation ~

Page of Pentacles

"I am committed to the future success of my marriage"

Self - Practical, thoughtful, able and logical, this young energy is ready to start something new. Decisions are made with purpose, a mild amount of excitement, and a large dose of practicality. Her endeavours are crafted and initiated with the intent to grow: personally, professionally and financially.

Shadow - Scattered and unfocused, there is a lack of longterm commitment. Don’t confuse the highly sexual intensity as compatibility, this is simply a side effect of tempation. Physical temptation is this Page’s shadowy playground. Be careful if  this energy enters your life, it’s life sucking. Unless you’re feeling to be a side show groupy, the Page of Pentacles in reverse is all about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll… and all on your expense. When you’ve run out of the ability to give and feed this lost soul, they’ll quickly move on.


Action - Work on it, work at it. Commitment, planning and focus will see you through to success. Because you are in the beginning of this phase you’ll feel inclined to invest time and money, spend wisely and with purpose. Enjoy the outdoors. As an earth of earth, you’re deeply connected to the medicine of Mother Earth. Spending time in nature will help you clear your head, and open your heart. Time spent outdoors with your loved one will help you feel divinely connected.

In Matters of Love - You can expect a lot of thought and care when it comes to the Page of Pentacle’s decision making process. She’s very good at taking the time to understand the perspective of others. She likes to listen before sharing and making a decision. When that decision is made, however, she’s committed.  There’s no flash when in a relationship with the PoP. While she’s always up for an adventure, there’s not going to be a lot of spontinaity. Occassions will be celebrated and anniversaries rarely forgotten, she’s practical and organized that way. And while there might not be a lot of ‘romance’, there is a strong sense and commitment to physical touch and connection. As an earth of earth, physical touch is very grounding and comforting. She looks to her future and understands long term success is earned. Her success is your success, as she does this for family. Legacy is her motivation, and in the Page phase of her journey, she’s not just planning her future, but that of the generations to come. She’s traditional, making long term relationships and marriage very appealing to her. She’s organized and likes to keep it simple. She voices her opinion, has the ability to listen, and supports marital equality.

*sidenote for my young lovers… the page of pentacle males are seed sowers, and our females provide some highly fertile lands; pre-caution is warrented.

Universal Tarot 

~ Mala Set Intention~

Page of Pentacles

"I am invested. I am patient."

Herb - Patchouli



Element - Earth


Chakra - Root promotes stability and abundance


Properties - Money, fertility, love and lust

Magic work - Burn a stick of incense and walk through your house three time chanting ~ 

"As I walk my house in three

I invoke the love of thee

May passion burn all through the years

I commit, my love adheres" 

Essential Oil - Cypress



Element - Earth


Chakra - Root - blood circulation and stimulant


Properties - Prosperity, protection and vitality

Magic work - In times when thoughts are scattered and you're feeling caught in the shadow side of the Page of Pentacles, add a drop of cypress to the lava bead of your Mala, or anoint the walls of your shower for a Cypress infused steam. This will help ground and activate your spiritual force.

Crystal -




Element - Earth


Chakra - Root 


Properties - Grounding, stamina, performance, protection, courage, aid in critical thinking & decision making

Magic Work - To reduce irritability and aggressiveness with your partner, place a bloodstone is a dish of water by your bed overnight. The next day you should feel calmer, centred, and in a better place to communicate.

Page of Pentacle


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